Three Higher Trainings in Buddhism & Yoga

In this four-class Buddhism and Yoga Series Dr. Neale examines the Three Higher Trainings (trisiksa) of Ethics, Wisdom, and Meditation shared in common by the contemplative traditions of India and Tibet.  Through chanting, guided meditation and interdisciplinary interpretations of excerpts from the Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali, explore how a comprehensive approach to peace and happiness must emphasize training in lifestyle, outlook and attitude.  Recorded live at the Tibet House.

Series Handout
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Class 1: Karma and the Cycle of Suffering
Monday September 20, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

Class 2: The Yogic Lifestyle and Training in Ethics
Monday September 27, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

Class 3: The Yogic Outlook and Training in Wisdom
Monday October 4, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

Class 4: The Yogic Attitude and Training in Devotion
Monday October 18, 2010
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