Empathy in Psychotherapy, Buddhist Mind-training, and Global Consciouness

In this three-class Buddhism and Psychology Series Dr. Neale explores the role of empathy in transforming the individual, society and the planet in peril. Inspired by the genius of Jeremy Rifkin’s book Empathic Civilization that traces the development of empathy through human evolution, Dr. Neale adds practical methods for the conscious cultivation of empathy through psychotherapy, Buddhist mind-training (lojong), and even modern media and technologies. Classes begin with period of guided mindfulness, compassion and visualization respectively.  Recorded live at the Interdependence Project.

Course Reading
The Empathic Civilization, Article by Jeremy Rifkin

Class 1:  Emotional Attunement in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
Monday November 1, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

Class 2: Altruistic Intent in Buddhist Mind Training (Lojong)
Monday November 8, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

Class 3: Empathic Emergence in Global Consciousness
Monday November 15, 2010
Download Part 1  |  Download Part 2

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