Buddhist psychotherapist Dr. Miles Neale first coined the term ‘McMindfulness’ during his interview for Shambhala Sun Space (2010) titled Frozen Yoga and McMindfulness: A Critical Perspective on the Mainstreaming of Contemplative Practice.

Miles followed up this interview with a more comprehensive essay titled McMindfulness and Frozen Yoga: Rediscovering the Essential Teachings of Ethics and Wisdom (2011).

Purser and Loy’s (2013) Huffington Post blog Beyond McMindfulness reraised some of Dr. Neale’s original concerns, and drew greater attention to the potential downside of mainstreaming meditation practice.

In 2014 during this fiery keynote address to business executives titled Mindfulness and Ethics in an Interconnected Age Miles warns against the myopia of McMindfulness while advocating for a meditation practice that considers moral responsibility within our global interconnectivity. Sharon Salzberg later tweeted that it was “an impassioned talk on ethics and wisdom.”

Dr. Miles Neale has been an expert contributer for the BBC, providing perspectives on the benefits and limits of secular mindfulness, McMindfulness and traditional mindfulness grounded in Buddhist contemplative science. In 2015 he was featured on the following radio programs:
Mindfulness: Panacea or Fad? (@ the 19 min mark) – BBC Radio 4
Pope in Manilla, Parisian Jews, Church and Politics (@ 26 min mark) – BBC Radio 4
Mindfulness: Old Wisdom for Modern Times (@ the 21 min mark) – BBC World Service



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