Flight Simulator of Inspiration: Tibet’s Virtual Reality Therapy

Is inner peace really enough in our troubled world? Perhaps it’s a necessary first step, but beyond that what we all need is the confidence, compassion, and creativity to face and resolve the myriad forms of human created suffering that pervade our beautiful planet.

In Tibetan Buddhism those beings who posses such inspiring qualities are called Bodhisattvas, altruistic heroes, who train like fire-fighters to enter the burning buildings of human affliction in order to rescue and awaken others. Exemplified by His Holiness the Dalia Lama, a shinning beacon of liberating wisdom and universal compassion, it is believed that we can all go beyond simple inner peace, using inspiration as a vehicle, to manifest in ourselves and others our highest human potential.

One of the Tibetan’s secret weapons in their Bodhisattva training is an advanced system of visualization based on mentor role-modeling, which uses creative imagination and a choreographed sequence of relational psychotherapy with an ideal archetype in order to heal traumatizing blocks, enhance positive capacities and speed one’s evolution.

Centuries before modern virtual reality technology, the Tibetans perfected an organic, meditative flight simulator that could help transform an ordinary, suffering human being into a hero who can save the world. Come and check out the art and neuroscience of Tibetan visualization, and get ready for the ride of a life-time!

Recorded live in Amsterdam during the Inner Peace Conferences hosted by Delight Yoga.

You can follow the slide presentation here.

Flight Simulator of Inspiration: Tibet's Virtual Reality Therapy

Sunday, October 08, 2017
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