Rediscovering Mindfulness: The Buddhist Art of Inner Peace, Insight and Self-Mastery

We can all relate to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disenchanted by the fast-paced, hedonic treadmill of modern life in our materialistic world. Our inner space has collapsed and with it the light dimes of inner peace. Fortunately for us, the wisdom practices of ancient spiritual cultures have survived long enough to help us reconnect with ourselves and offer us the nearly lost art of being fully human, awake, contented, and empowered. With the emergence of the Mindfulness Revolution, the West is now recalibrating itself after centuries of external conquest along with technological and scientific development. We can now return to the inner landscape, rediscover mindfulness and master our own minds and hearts.
The secular mindfulness movement credits Buddhism as the source for the meditation practices we see springing up everywhere from the boardrooms of Google, to the stage of the world economic forum at Davos, to the entire National Health Service of the UK. People are embracing and benefiting greatly from this ancient practice, and with it comes the hope that by changing our inner space we can help reshape our world as well.
Long before we lost our way on the outer journey, the Buddha taught how to find our way to our true home. Come and learn how to reconnect with yourself using the simple art of mindfulness, how it fosters inner stillness and how life-changing insights and self-mastering abilities emerge from the pregnant space within.

Recorded live in Amsterdam during the Inner Peace Conferences hosted by Delight Yoga.

Rediscovering Mindfulness

Sunday, October 08, 2017
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