“Since there is no escaping the matrix of our interdependence with others, we should strive for their happiness as much as our own.” – Dr. Miles Neale


  • Meditation + Activism + Spiritual Bypassing

    Meditation + Activism + Spiritual Bypassing

    A timely dialogue between Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Dr. Miles Neale on what contemplatives and social activists can learn from one another and particularly how each can avoid spiritual bypassing at the personal, interpersonal and cultural levels. Recorded live at the … Continue reading

  • The Hero’s Path: A Transformational Lecture Series

    The Hero’s Path: A Transformational Lecture Series

    In this four-part series Dr. Miles Neale guides you along the gradual path to awakening (lam rim) preserved and espoused in the Indo-Tibet Buddhist tradition for centuries. Through guided meditations, lectures, visual aids, prayers and recitations of an ancient text … Continue reading

  • Hero’s Pilgrimage to Buddhist India

    Hero’s Pilgrimage to Buddhist India

    Welcome to the archive of our exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime Hero’s Pilgrimage to the sacred sites and power spots of Buddhist India. The tour was inspired and named after a combination of the Buddhist archetypal figure of the Bodhisattva or Altruistic Hero who strives for enlightenment … Continue reading

  • Mindfulness Three Ways: McMindfulness and Beyond

    Mindfulness Three Ways: McMindfulness and Beyond

    In this introductory class Dr. Miles Neale discusses the differences between mcmindfulness, secular mindfulness & Buddhist mindfulness, explains Rick Hanson’s H.E.A.L. method of “taking in the good” and guides you through meditations on sound, breath, and sensations. Recorded live at the Tibet House.

  • Twelve Stages of the Hero’s Journey

    Twelve Stages of the Hero’s Journey

    Follow the stages of the Hero’s Journey from Call to Adventure to Slay the Demon and Return with Elixir. Drawing on visionary mythologist Joseph Campbell’s twelve stage mono-myth, the Tibetan triune phases of conscious death, between (bardo) and rebirth, and the alchemical  process of healing trauma, … Continue reading

  • Spiritual Bypassing: The Only Way Out Is Through

    Spiritual Bypassing: The Only Way Out Is Through

    Spiritual Bypassing is a term coined by psychologist John Welwood in the 1980’s to describe a prevalent tendency among spiritual practitioners to use philosophical concepts and copntemplative practices to avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, traumatic wounds, and unmet developmental needs. … Continue reading

  • McMindfulness


    Buddhist psychotherapist Dr. Miles Neale first coined the term ‘McMindfulness’ during his interview for Shambhala Sun Space (2010) titled Frozen Yoga and McMindfulness: A Critical Perspective on the Mainstreaming of Contemplative Practice. Miles followed up this interview with a more … Continue reading

  • Guided Healing Meditations

    Guided Healing Meditations

    Dr. Neale offers a selection of guided healing meditations to address a range of medical and clinical issues. Note these were recorded live and are not studio quality. “Safety, Abundance and Connectivity” reverses threat-based paralysis, scarcity-based grasping, and shame-based alienation. … Continue reading