“Buddhist psychotherapy is a meditation involving two observing minds. Its vehicle is safe dialog, its purpose is transformative insight, and its ground is unyielding compassion.” - Dr. Miles Neale


Buddhist psychotherapy combines a safe, exploratory dialog with time-tested practical skills and age-old contemplative insights aimed at illuminating our innate potential for healing and happiness. Weekly private sessions are supplemented and enhanced by meditation and yoga training as well as continuing education in the Buddhist sciences of realistic outlook, positive attitude, and virtuous lifestyle. To learn more about what Buddhist Psychotherapy really is, read this article by Dr. Neale.

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Fees, Insurance and Forms

Fees for Buddhist psychotherapy, meditation coaching, guest lectures or program development may be discussed during an initial consultation.

Patients may receive partial reimbursement for their psychotherapy services. Those whose health care insurance plan include out-of-network mental health benefits can follow this guide to find out more about reimbursement.

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