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About Kopan Nunnery

Proceeds from the Gradual Awakening book and Gradual Path audio course will be donated to the nuns of Kopan Nunnery in Kathmandu. Opened in 1994 as a branch of Kopan Monastery founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe and under the spiritual direction of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the nunnery was given the auspicious name of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling or “Pure Land of Bliss.”

One of the largest nunneries in Nepal, it is home to nearly three hundred women, many of them orphans and refugees from Tibet and other impoverished areas of the Himalayas, and all of whom wish to follow their spiritual calling. Each nun receives housing, meals, healthcare, and education in modern subjects like languages, science, and math and ancient Buddhist philosophy, all free of charge. Some of the nuns attain the geshe-ma degree—following an arduous 25-year course of Buddhist studies—and go on to become teachers and scholars in their own right.

Kopan Nunnery’s website urges us all to “Give others the opportunity to attain enlightenment” and by purchasing Gradual Awakening and The Gradual Path Audio Course you can do just that.

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Ways to Get Involved

1. COMMIT TO PRACTICE. Use Gradual Awakening to start or continue your daily practice of prayers, altar offerings, meditations, study, and virtue in daily life to transform your mind.

2. SHARE KNOWLEDGE. Order several books to karmically gift with altruistic intention to friends, colleagues and those seeking spiritual direction.

3. SPREAD THE WORD. Inspire others by posting about your journey with Gradual Awakening on social media using these hashtags: #gradualawakening #awakenwisdomlove #kopannunnery

4. CONNECT WITH US. If you're moved to support the nunnery in any way, financial or otherwise, or want to volunteer your talents to help us with the Nuns Campaign please contact us at:
connect [at]

5. WEAR OUR APPAREL. Purchase our distinctive Tashi Mannox mantra clothing to help raise awareness for the journey of #gradualawakening and support the Kopan nuns. Iconic white only!
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supporting the nuns of kopan 


Dr. Neale not only gives us pragmatic ways to develop our potential but he demonstrates it by giving a portion of his earnings from this book to benefit Kopan Nunnery in Nepal. Well done!
— Richard Gere
Dr. Neale and I also share a common goal in our efforts to bring authentic dharma to the nuns in Nepal, which makes me very happy.
— Tsoknyi Rinpoche



Proceeds from Gradual Awakening support the Kopan Nunnery, Nepal