Ready to get serious about your training? Miles’ system is based on Tibetan Buddhism's Lam Rim, or Gradual Path of Awakening, a comprehensive and systematic curriculum used for centuries to hasten psychological maturity and spiritual growth.

Much like a college education the Gradual Path follows a step-by-step sequence of insights and meditative skills drawn from contemplative science, which Miles integrates with the latest neuroscience and psychotherapy to provide a seamless system for effective learning.

The following free curated content will help orient you to the entire terrain of the Gradual Path, as well as offer a taste of the specific steps and stages along the way.

To deepen your training, purchase the Gradual Awakening book and its companion audio course The Gradual Path, and supplement them with private one-on-one sessions with Miles. If you’re ready for a deep dive, head into Miles’ Two-Year Online Contemplative Studies Program for the most robust and comprehensive training you can imagine. Let’s get started!