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Looking for Buddhist psychotherapy, private meditation training or transformational coaching? Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to work one on one from anywhere in the world with Miles, a forerunner in the emerging field of contemplative psychotherapy.

Miles is co-editor of the groundbreaking book Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy, co-developer of the PESI Mindfulness-based Contemplative Psychotherapy Program and teaches Contemplative Psychology for Embodied Philosophy’s Mind/Body Therapy (300 hr) certificate program.

Private sessions in person or online are custom tailored to meet your individual needs for optimal wellness, spiritual growth and altruistic leadership. Benefit from Miles’ twenty years experience developing a unique approach to healing based on age-old Buddhist wisdom and meditation practices seamlessly integrated with current neuroscience and trauma-informed psychotherapy. Expect to be met with respect and unconditional care, and yet challenged beyond your limitations.

For more on Miles' approach read this primer and review this guide to clarify your options for insurance reimbursement.

Trauma-informed Dharma. That’s what I call the integration of Tibet’s ancient mind science with current breakthroughs in psychotherapy, trauma research and neuroscience, offering the most powerful synthesis for human transformation.
— Dr. Miles Neale


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